Heidari, M., & Jahan, M. 2000 A study of ovipositional behaviour of Anagyrus pseudococci a parasitoid of mealybugs.. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 1(2): 49-53.

Notes: The ovipositional behaviour and success of A. pseudococci, an encyrtid endoparasitoid of mealybugs, Planococcus citri and Pseudococcus affinis [Pseudococcus viburni] were studied in the laboratory. Behavioural sequences during oviposition starting from the searching for the host to the post-oviposition activities were described. Once encountered, the mealybug host was examined and probed by the ovipositor of the parasitoid. Oviposition success was affected by the defence activity of the host. Planococcus citri was less able to defend itself and was more susceptible to parasitism than Pseudococcus affinis. Oviposition experience of the parasitoid played an important role in increasing the efficacy of subsequent oviposition.