Hariss, H.M., Helmy, E.I., & Abdel-Wahed, S.M. 2006 Laboratory experiments of miscible oils, IGRS bioefficacy and their joint effect against the soft scale insect Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead) infesting sugarcane in Egypt. Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research 84 (3):

Notes: The mixture of miscible oils, IGRs and the miscible oils alone demonstrate successful performance against Pulvtnarta tenuivalvata (Newstead) (Hemiptera: Homoptera: Coccidae) infesting sugarcane leaves However, IGRs alone gave moderate effect in this respect. Reduction O/O in the red striped soft scale insect individuals two weeks after treatment were 97.9 , 96.5 , 93.4 and 92.8 for of a the mixture of Super M~srona and Applaud, Admiral and Super Misrona and Super Royal alone respectively. However, Applaud and Admiral alone demonstrate 66.3 and 64.7%. Results also, Cleary show that, the nymphal stages, harbaured significantly affected by the tested treatments, followed by adult females, females laying eggs came next. No phytotoxicity was observed on the treated sugarcane leaves with the all tested treatments. Whereas, there were different affects on the associated natural enemies, the endoparasitoid: Coccophagus scutillars and the predator, Orius sp. Miscible oils alone and mixture with IGRs can be recommended for IPM program against sugarcane pests to minimize the control costs and environmental pollution. In addition to their safety effect on the beneficial organisms.