Hardy, N.B., & Henderson, R.C. 2011 Revision of Poliaspis (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Diaspididae), with descriptions of 8 new species from Australia. Zootaxa 137:1–40

Notes: Eight new Australian species of Poliaspis are described and illustrated: P. alluvia sp. n., P. araucariae sp. n., P. ceraflora sp. n., P. naamba sp. n., P. nalbo sp. n., P. narungga sp. n., P. ozothamnae sp. n., and P. waibenensis sp. n. Two described species are transferred into Poliaspis and are redescribed and illustrated: Lineaspis callitris (Laing) originally described by Laing as a species of Poliaspis, is transferred back into Poliaspis as P. callitris Laing, comb. rev., and Leonardaspis wilga (Leonardi) is transferred to Poliaspis as P. wilga (Leonardi), comb. n. Descriptions and illustrations are also provided for six of the fourteen previously-named Poliaspis species, including five from Australia: P. attenuata Brimblecombe, P. elongata Brimblecombe, P. exocarpi Maskell, P. nitens Fuller, and P. syringae Laing. Both P. cycadis Comstock and P. gaultheriae Green become junior synonyms of P. media Maskell. The species not treated here are P. intermedia Fuller (the location of the types is unknown and Fuller’s description is inadequate), P. casuarinicola Lindinger (missing types), P. incisa Takagi and de Faveri (recently, and well described in Takagi and de Faveri 2011), and the six New Zealand species recently revised by Henderson (2011). In addition, Laingaspis lanigera (Laing), the adult female of which has 8 clusters of perivulvar pores-as in Poliaspis species-is redescribed and illustrated. Lectotypes are designated for L. lanigera, P. callitris, P. exocarpi, P. media, and P. wilga. A key is provided to the species of Poliaspis, excluding P. casuarinicola and P. intermedia but including P. incisa and the New Zealand species: P. chathamica Henderson, P. floccosa Henderson, P. lactea (Maskell), P. media Maskell, P. raouliae Henderson and P. salicornicola Henderson.

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