Hardy, N.B., & Gullan, P.J. 2010 Australian gall-inducing scale insects on Eucalyptus: revision of Opisthoscelis Schrader (Coccoidea, Eriococcidae) and descriptions of a new genus and nine new species.. ZooKeys 58: 1-74


  • description
  • diagnosis
  • distribution
  • host
  • illustration
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: We revise the genus Opisthoscelis Schrader, and erect the genus Tanyscelis gen. n. with Opisthoscelis pisiformis Froggatt as its type species. Species of both genera induce sexually dimorphic galls on Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) in Australia, with O. subrotunda Schrader also in Papua New Guinea. We synonymise the following taxa (junior synonym with senior synonym): O. fibularis Froggatt, syn. n. with O. spinosa Froggatt; O. recurva Froggatt, syn. n. with O. maculate Froggatt; O. globosa Froggatt, syn. n. (= O. ruebsaameni Lindinger) with O. convexa Froggatt; and O. mammularis Froggatt, syn. n. with O. verrucula Froggatt. We transfer seven Opisthoscelis species to Tanyscelis as T. conica (Fuller), comb. n., T. convexa (Froggatt), comb. n., T. maculate (Froggatt), comb. n., T. maskelli (Froggatt), comb. n., T. pisiformis (Froggatt), comb. n., T. spinosa (Froggatt), comb. n., and T. verrucula (Froggatt), comb. n. We redescribe and illustrate the adult female of each named species of Opisthoscelis for which the type material is known, as well as the fi rst-instar nymph of the type species of Opisthoscelis (O. subrotunda) and Tanyscelis (O. pisiformis). We describe four new species of Opisthoscelis: O. beardsleyi Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., O. thurgoona Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., O. tuberculata Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., and O. ungulifi nis Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., and five new species of Tanyscelis: T. grallator Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., T. megagibba Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., T. mollicornuta Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., T. tripocula Hardy & Gullan, sp. n., and T. villosigibba Hardy & Gullan, sp. n. We designate lectotypes for O. convexa, O. fi bularis, O. globosa Froggatt, O. maculata, O. mammularis, O. maskelli, O. pisiformis, O. recurva, O. serrata, O. spinosa, and O. verrucula. As a result of our taxonomic revision, Opisthoscelis has six species and Tanyscelis has 12 species. We describe the galls of females for all 18 species and galls of males for 10 species of Opisthoscelis and Tanyscelis, and provide photographs of the galls for most species. A key to the adult females of the species of both genera is included.

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