Han, S.H., Ndiaye, A.B., & Hemptinne, J.L. 2007 Plantes-hôtes et prédateurs de la Cochenille farineuse du Manguier Rastrococcus invadens Williams, 1986, nouvellement introduite á Dakar, Sénégal (Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae).. Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France 112(1): 121-125


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  • Notes: Title in English: [Host-plants and predators of Rastrococcus invadens Williams, 1986, newly introcuced to Dakar, Senegal (Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae). The area around Dakar, Senegal has experienced an invasion of the Fruit Tree Mealybug Rastrococcus invadens Williams since the first semester of 1995. The authors recorded 13 attacked tree species and assess the intensity of the attacks. On these 13 plant species 7 ladybirds (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) species were found as well as a predatory Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) and a Chalcididae parasitoid (Hymenoptera) which was not determined. Breeding of 2 species of ladybirds, Exochomus laeviusculus Weise and E. foudrasi Mulsant, were carried out to study their biology.