Hall, R.W., Ehler, L.E., & Bisabri-Ershadi, B. 1980 Rate of success in classical biological control of arthropods.. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 26(2): 111-114.

Notes: There were no significant differences between the rates of success within the following categories: predators vs. parasites, islands vs. non-islands, and exotic natural enemies of native vs. exotic pest species. There was no increase in the rate of success over time. Natural enemies introduced against Homoptera had the highest rate of success, and the highest rate of success was obtained in habitats with an intermediate amount of disruption. Rodolia cardinalis was responsible for an inordinate number of the complete successes (against (Icerya purchasi); thus one must be cautious when making generalizations about rates of success without considering the impact of R. cardinalis on such rates.