Gullan, P.J., Buckley, R.C., & Ward, P.S. 1993 Ant-tended scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccidae: Myzolecanium) within lowland rain forest trees in Papua New Guinea.. Journal of Tropical Ecology 9(1): 81-91.

Notes: Abstract: Eight species of Myzolecanium are reported from ant nests in stem cavities; attendant ants belonged to six species in three genera and two subfamilies; host plants belonged to at least five families; characteristics of Myzolecanium-ant association, role of the coccids as trophobionts, and the nature of the plant associations are discussed; new combinations proposed by Gullan for three species previously placed in Cryptostigma: M. endoeucalyptus, M. magnetinsulae and M. robertsi.