Guerrero, M.S., Candano, R.N., Barbecho, N.M., Vicente, J.A., Casupanan, A.M., Montecalvo, M.P., Miras, R.L., Burgonio, G.A.S., Javier, M.dP., Navasero, J.M.M., Mundo, R.H.B., Caoili, B.L., & Navasero, M.M. 2024 CHARACTERIZATION OF Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead) (HEMIPTERA: COCOMORPHA: COCCIDAE), ITS DAMAGE, ENDOPARASITOID, AND BRIDGING HOSTS, AS A NEW AND EMERGING PEST OF SUGARCANE IN LUZON ISLAND, PHILIPPINES. Journal of ISSAAS 30(1): 92-106


  • DNA
  • control
  • economic importance
  • host plant
  • natural enemies
  • Notes: In this study, the first documented occurrence of P. tenuivalvata as an emerging sugarcane pest in Luzon Island, Philippines was presented. Molecular and morphological identification were conducted to provide insights into the identity of the pest. Nature of damage, population density and precent parasitism of the endoparasitoid were observed and analyzed. Additionally, three potential bridging hosts in sugarcane fields were identified and recommendations were provided for further research and development in this context. This study provides critical insights that contribute to the development of effective management strategies for P. tenuivalvata in sugarcane production.

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