Gross, S., Gefen, D., Rotman, N., Tadmor, U., Zemer, B., Gotlib, A., & Gefen, Y. 2000 Chemical control of the spherical mealybug (Nipaecoccus viridis) (Newstead) in citrus.. Alon Hanotea 54(6): 234-240.

Notes: The spherical mealybug infests all parts of the citrus tree. Its damage is expressed by excretion of large quantities of honeydew which encourages sooty mould to cover most parts of the tree, appearance of irregular green spots on the fruit and malformed fruit which are rendered inexportable. Herewith we report on field trials, which compared the efficacy of various chemical treatments to control the spherical mealybug. Identical dosages of Mospilan (acetamiprid 20 SP) were applied at two stages of development: before blossom and on small fruits (15-20 mm). Those treatments were compared to the standard chemical treatment of chlorpyrifos, and to non-treated control plots. The results indicate that there is no advantage in applying Mospilan prior to blossom. Effective control was achieved by Mospilan 0.05% and 0.075% sprayed on small fruits or by 0.3% chlorpyrifos at both stages of development.