Granara de Willink, M.C. 1999 [Soft scale insects of Argentina (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae)] Las cochinillas blandas de la Rep├║blica Argentina (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae).. Contributions on Entomology, International 3(1): 1-183.

Notes: 57 species in 26 genera are included, three of which are reported as new to science: Differococcus, Magnococcus and Peculiaricoccus. Fourteen new species are described: Akermes xylosma, Alichtensia ultima, Cryptinglisia patagonica, Eulecanium cordoi, Magnococcus berberis, M. cestri, Mesolecanium obvius, Peculiaricoccus elionurus, Pendularia paraguariensis, Philephedra ferelutea, Pseudokermes correntinus, P. eugenium, P. geoffroeum and Stictolecanium entrerrianum. New combinations, synonymies and first records for Argentina are also included. The taxonomic position and characterization of the Coccidae family is given. Descriptions and illustrations of all species, based on the morphological characteristics of the adult female, are included. A key for all genera and species present in Argentina, and an actualized list of the host plants is presented.