González, R.H., & Volosky F., C. 2004 Chanchitos blancos y polillas de la fruta: Problemas cuarentenarios de la fruticultura de exportación. [Mealybugs and fruit moth: quarantine problems affecting fresh fruit exports.]. Revista Fruticola 25(2) (Separata): [41-62].

Notes: The economic impact and the detrimental effects in Chilean fruit agroecosistemas due to the escalating insect quarantine restrictions imposed by several import markets are reviewed in the light of current most restrictive cases. The goal is viewed as mandatory zero tolerance and, therefore, integrated pest management is dismissed and chemical control is emphasized. Species discussed and illustrated includes Aspidiotus nerii, Diaspidiotus perniciosus, Ferrisia meridionalis, Phenacoccus parvus, Planococcus citri, P. ficus, Pseudococcus calceolariae, P. longispinus, P. maritimus and P. viburni.