González, R.H., Curkovic, T.S., Tomislav, M.F., & Barria, P.G. 1995 Control de Pseudococcus affinis con diazinon, metidation y profenofos en postcosecha de vides y ciruelos. [Control of Pseudococcus affinis (Hom: Pseudococcidae) with diazinon, metidation and profenofos during postharvest of table grapes and plums.]. Agricultura Técnica. Chile 55(2): 95-98.

Notes: Postharvest chemical treatments were evaluated and found to reduce pest population levels, but results were not significantly different among them. However, two to four months later, survivors were observed, utilizing corrugated cardboards as trunk bands. Under laboratory conditions, sprays from a Potter tower did not produce significant differences among treatments. Under these conditions nymphal mortality was greater than on mature females.