González, R.H. 1983 Manejo de plagas de la vid. [Management of grapevine pests.].. Publicaciones en Ciencia Agricultura, Universidad de Chile, Facultad Ciencia Agrarias, Veterinarias, y Forestales 13: 1-115.

Notes: The author presents a comprehensive review of the primary, secondary and occasional arthropod pests of grapevines in Chile and discusses their biology and control, with particular reference to pest management systems currently being developed in the country. The information given for most of the pests includes details of their morphology, life cycle, injuriousness, natural enemies and chemical control. The most injurious of the indigenous pests are Naupactus xanthographus, Brevipalpus chilensis, Frankliniella cestrum, Margarodes vitis and Proeulia auraria; the most injurious of the introduced pests are Drepanothrips reuteri, Pseudococcus obscurus, P. maritimus, Parthenolecanium corni, P. persicae, Colomerus vitis, Oligonychus vitis and Micrapate scabrata. Viteus vitifoliae (Dactylosphaera vitifoliae) has not been recorded in Chile and quarantine measures to prevent its introduction are strictly enforced.