Gimpel, W.F. 1983 . A Systematic Revision of the Pseudococcus affinis Group (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae. University of Maryland, College Park, Ph.D. Thesis College Park, Marylamd 272 pp.

Notes: [Ph.D. Thesis.] A systematic revision of the Pseudococcus affinis group (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) is presented. The P. affinis group is characterized and a detailed discussion is presented of each taxonomic character. The species treated include five new species: P. acirculus, P. bermudensis, P. dasyliriae, P. nakaharai and P. puertoricensis and fourteen previously described species: P. affinis (Maskell), P. elisae Borchsenius, P. eriocerei Williams, P. galapagoensis Morrison, P. importatus McKenzie, P. insularis Morrison, P. landoi (Balachowsky), P. maritimus (Ehrhorn), P. microcirculus McKenzie, P. neomaritimus Beardsley, P. peregrinabundus Borchsenius, P. pertusus McKenzie, P. sociabilis Hambleton, and P. sorghiellus (Forbes). Adult females of all 19 species are described and illustrated, and a key for their identification is given. A key is provided for the recognition of third instar females of seven species. Descriptions and illustrations of third instar females are given for the first time of P. affinis, P. elisae, P. importatus, P. landoi, P. microcirculus, P. nakaharai and P. sorghiellus. Lectotypes are designated for P. elisae and P. sociabilis. Paracoccus landoi is transferred to Pseudococcus and Pseudococcus colombianus is considered to be a junior, subjective synonym of P. elisae. New character sets were discovered which allow species to be more easily recognized.