Gertsson, C.-A. 2000 Nya arter och nya landskapsfynd av sköldlöss från Sverige fram till år 2000. [New species and new province records of scale insects from Sweden (Homoptera: Coccoidea) up to the year 2000.].. Entomologisk Tidskrift. Stockholm 121(4): 147-153.

Notes: This work represents a continuation of the studies of the Swedish scale insect fauna. 45 new Swedish province records of scale insects (Coccoidea) belonging to eight families are presented. Seven species, Ortheziola britannica, Dysmicoccus walkeri, Euripersia europea, Planococcus vovae, Phenacoccus hordei, Trionymus radicum and T. dactylis are new records for Sweden. D. walkeri, E. europea, T. radicum and T. dactylus are also new to Fennoscandia and Denmark. O. britannica is the first find outside of the U.K.