Germain, J.-F., Minatchy, J., Pastou, D., Bagny, P., Mérion, S., Pallas, R., Quilici, S., & Matile-Ferrero, D. 2014 An Updated Checklist of the Scale Insects from Réunion Island (Indian Ocean). Acta Zoologica Bulgarica Suppl. 6: 21-27


  • list
  • Notes: An updated checklist of the scale insects recorded from Réunion Island (French overseas department) is given. This list has been collated from data from 5 different sources: ScaleNet, Williams, Williams (1988), MNHN in Paris, LSV in Montpellier and a recent survey made by FDGDON-REUNION. Previously, 70 species were recorded from Réunion Island but our present list includes 90 species. The 20 species added are in 6 families: 4 Coccidae, 6 Diaspididae, 1 Monophlebidae, 1 Ortheziidae, 7 Pseudococcidae and 1 Rhizoecidae.