Germain, C., Kreiter, P., Thaon, M., Gory, P., Capy, A., Fave, C., Fournier, C., Vantalon, C., Trottin-Caudal, Y., & Leyre, J.M. 2003 [Development of a method for biological control of Pseudococcus viburni in greenhouse tomato using entomophagous insects.]. Colloque international tomate sous abri, protection integree - agriculture biologique, Avignon, France, 17-18 et 19 septembre 2003. Centre Technique Interprofessionel des Fruits et Legumes Paris, France

Notes: [Authors continue: Visserot, X. Original title: Mise au point d'une methode de lutte biologique contre Pseudococcus viburni en serre de tomate a l'aide d'insectes entomophages.] Coccus viburni has become a worrying mealybug for tomato producers following IPM strategies. At this point, most regions of production in France are affected by the problem. Research of biological control methods for this pest is undertaken, using entomophagous insects. Field experiments conducted in collaboration with tomato growers are presented.