Gavrilov-Zimin, I.A. 2013 New scale insects (Homoptera: Coccinea) from Sulawesi and New Guinea, with some other additions to the Indonesian fauna. Tropical Zoology 26(2)64-86

Notes: Six new species of scale insects (Homoptera: Coccinea), Icerya gaponiana n. sp., Crisicoccus strigilis n. sp., Dysmicoccus maclayi n. sp., Rastrococcus kendariensis n. sp., Coccus sulawesicus n. sp. and Pauroaspis daedalea n. sp. are described and illustrated. In addition, 27 species new to the local faunas of Sulawesi and the island of New Guinea are noted. The genus Symonicoccus Koteja & Brookes, 1981 is considered to be a new subjective synonym of Luzulaspis Cockerell, 1902.