Franco, J.C., & Passos de Carvalho, J. 1991 Contribution to the study of the entomofauna of citrus agroecosystems in Portugal: A study on the bioecology of the mealybug complex (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae).. Proceedings of the 4th ECE/XIII SIEEC 1: 282-285.

Notes: [Conference held 1-6 Sepetember, 1991 in Gödöllo.] More than 40 insect species are reported as citrus pests in the Mediterranean Basin, including aphids, whiteflies, scale insects (Homoptera), moths (Lepidoptera) and fruit flies (Diptera) (Viggiani 1988). From these almost 50% are scale insects. Partial results are given on a survey on the phytophagous insects (SPI) associated with citrus groves in Portugal. Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus calceolariae, P. affinis and P. longispinus are mentioned as associated pests.