Foldi, I. 2003b Les cochenilles: 2ère Partie. [Scale insects: Part 2.].. Insectes No. 130: 27-30.

Notes: These formidable insects have been exploited for dye materials and nourishment for 3000 years. Examples are given from the Middle East, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Poland and China. Species mentioned include Antonina graminis, Dactylopius austrinus, D. ceylonicus, D. coccus, D. opuntiae, Dysmicoccus brevipes, Heliococcus bohemicus, Kermes vermilio, Llaveia axin, Neopulvinaria innumerabilis, Parthenolecanium corni, Phenacoccus aceris, Planococcus citri, Pulvinaria vitis and Trabutina mannipara.