Foldi, I. 2002 Cochenilles, pucerons, aleurodes et psylles de la Réserve Nationale de Camargue (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha). [Scale insects, aphids, whiteflies, and psyllids of the National Reserve of Camargue (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha).]. Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France 107(3): 243-251.

Notes: This paper provides a list with biological data of the species of scale insects, aphids, whiteflies and psyllids found in the National Reserve of Camargue, which is one of the largest reserves of wetland areas in Europe. Inventory of the species, study of their biology and analysis of their habitats contribute to improved management of these ecosystems and better conservation of their biological components. In various biotypes: forests, slopes of dams, edges of channels and roads, meadows, "sansouires", woods of Rièges and littoral dunes, 54 species of scale insects, 21 aphids, 9 whiteflies and 5 psyllids were collected. Four species of scale insects, Cupressaspis mediterranea (Diaspididae), Eriococcus pseudinsignis (Eriococcidae), Longicoccus psammophilus and Atrococcus luffi (Pseudococcidae) are new for the French fauna. The scale insects are primarily of Palearctic origin, mostly Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean, but a few are cosmopolitan. Salin-de-Badon is an area of the Reserve that contains the most Sternorrhyncha and grasses are the most common hosts.