Foldi, I. 1995 A taxonomic revision of Limacoccus Bondar with a cladistic analysis of its relationships with other scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea).. Systematic Entomology 20: 265-288.

Notes: This genus contains four species that are restricted to the Neotropical area: L. serratus, L. brasiliensis, L. kosztarabi and L. venezuelana; these species are adapted to live exclusively on palms (Astrocaryum macrocalyx, Attalea maracaibensis, A. speciosa, Arecastrum romanzoffianum and Orbignya polisticha); descriptions and illustrations of all instars with sexual dimorphism; discussion of the unique life history of this genus whose second instar female constructs a protective tunnel; as a result of cladistic analysis indicates that this genus is a monophyletic group characterized by seven autapomorphies and is assigned to the family Beesoniidae; redefined family is divided into two tribes: Beesoniini with genera Beesonia and Mangalorea and Limacocciini with genus Limacoccus; the Beesoniidae are here regarded as a sister group of Phoenicoccidae.