Flanders, S.E. 1953a Variations in susceptibility of citrus-infesting coccids to parasitization.. Journal of Economic Entomology 46(2): 266-269.

Notes: The introduction of hymenopterous parasites into California was necessary due to the failure of the predators to effect commercial control. The citrus-infesting coccids under unlimited commercial control in California by parasites are Coccus hesperidum by Metaphycus luteolus, Saissetia nigra by Metaphycus helvolus and Pseudococcus gahani by Tetracnemus pretiosus. Citrus-infesting coccids under area-limited commercial control by parasites are Icerya purchasi by Cryptochaetum iceryae, Pseudococcus citri by Leptomastidea abnormia, Pseudococcus adonidum by Anarhopus sydneyensis, Aonidiella citrina by Comperiella bifasciata, Aonidiella aurantii by Aphytis chrysomphalus and Saissetia oleae by Metaphycus helvolus.