Fallahzadeh, M., Shojai, M., Ostovan, H., & Kamali, K. 2008a The first report of Pseudotorymus stachidis (Hym.: Torymidae) from Iran. Journal of Entomological Society of Iran, Supplement 27(2): 17-18

Notes: Larvae of Dicrodiplosis manihoti Harris (Dip., Cecidomyiidae) are the predator of mealybug ovisacs (Hem.: Pseudococcidae) in Fars province, Iran. Parasitized larvae of this predator were collected from Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead) on Citrus sinensis (L.) and reared in the laboratory. Parasitoid wasps belonging to the family Torymidae were consequently collected, and identified as Pseudotorymus stachidis (Mayr) by T. C. Narendran, India. This species is a new record for Iran. The host-parasitoid relationship is also newly recorded.