Elliott, H.J., Ohmart, C.P., & Wylie, F.R. 1998 . Insect Pests of Australian Forests. Inkata Press Melbourne 214 pp.

Notes: This book begins with an introduction to forest entomology in Australia followed by information on general insect biology and classification. The major insect pests are then discussed in five chapters covering the main feeding guilds, defoliators, sap feeders, wood bark and shoot feeders, gall-forming insects, and seed feeders. Information on each pest species varies considerably but is generally presented in a sequence of general introduction, biology and behaviour, damage caused and natural enemies. The principles of pest management, information on specific control methods, and future trends are covered in a chapter on the management of forest insect pests. The book concludes with a glossary, an extensive reference list for further reading, and a comprehensive index. Among the insects covered are Apiomorpha spp., Ceroplastes floridensis, C. rubens, Conifericoccus agathidis, Cylindrococcus casuarinae, C. spiniferus, Eriococcus coriaceus, Maskiella globosa, Melanococcus albizziae, Nipaecoccus aurilanatus, Opisthoscelis spp., Pseudoripersia turgipes and Sphaerococcopsis spp.