Elekcio─člu, N.Z., & ┼×enal, D. 2007 Pest and natural enemy fauna in organic citrus production in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey.. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences 1: 29-34.

Notes: This study was carried out in two orchards in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey, the Mars Seedless Grapefruit Orchard in Dortyol/Hatay and the Valencia Orange Orchard in Erdemli/Mersin. Organic farming methods were used in both orchards and the organic produce certified by the internationally recognised EKOTAR-Turkey. Citrus pests and their natural enemies were monitored by eye and stroke methods during 2004 and 2005. Infected plant material was brought to the laboratory to obtain the adult parasitoids and predators. Fifteen pest species belonging to different taxonomic groups (1 from Acarina, 1 from Thysanoptera, 1 from Hemiptera, 10 from Homoptera, 1 from Diptera and 1 from Lepidoptera) were identified and 34 beneficial species were found associated with these pests. Among the 14 species identified in the orchards, 3 species were economically important and considered to be key pests. In this paper, citrus production pests and their natural enemies were identified and control strategies in accordance with organic farming practices were reported.