Efrom, C.F.S., de Oliveira, A.M.R., Dos Santos Wolff, V.R., Tonietto, A., & Witter, S. 2019 Aspectos fitotécnicos do cultivo da oliveira no Rio Grande do Sul II: estudos sobre cochonilhas e controle da antracnose [Phytotechnical aspects of olive cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul II: studies on scale insects and anthracnose control]. Pesquisa Agropecuária Gaúcha 25(3): 119-132


  • biology
  • control
  • economic importance
  • illustration
  • Notes: The objective of this work was to generate basic and applied knowledge to the olive tree culture related to scale insects (Hemiptera; Coccoidea), control of potentially pest scale insects and control of Colletotrichum associated with anthracnose in olive tree to contribute for the development of culture in Rio Grande do Sul.

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