Donald, R.G. 1956 The natural enemies of some Pseudococcidae in the Gold Coast.. Journal of the West African Science Association 2(1): 48-60.

Notes: A list of the parasites and predators reared from Pseudococcidae in the Gold Coast, with notes on the host range, frequency of occurrence, and observed distribution of each species, is given in the first part of the paper. This is followed by list of the mealybug species encountered, with notes on the complex of natural enemies associated with each. The effects of rainfall, and attendance, and locality, on the incidence of the natural enemies of Pseudococcus njalensis, the most abundant vector of cacao swollen shoot virus in the Gold Coast, are discussed. Parasitism was in no case high, and the effect of predators, although these are only about half as abundant as parasites, may, because of their method of feeding, be of more importance in holding the population of mealybugs at the low level normally encountered in the territory. The main mealybug species discussed include Dysmicoccus brevipes, Ferrisiana virgata, Paraputo ritchiei, Phenacoccus madeiriensis, Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus adonidum, P. celtis, P. bukobensis, P. concavocerarii, P. sp. nr. gahani, P. njalensis, P. sp. nr. proteae, P. ugandae and Saccharicoccus sacchari.