Anonymous, N/A 1923 A preliminary list of the pests of cultivated plants in Ceylon.. Bulletin (Department of Agriculture, Ceylon) No. 67: 68 pp.

Notes: Alphabetical list of plants with insects pests associated with each; scale insects mentioned include Aspidiotus camelliae, A. cyanophylli, A. destructor, A. hederae, A. cydoniae, Fiorinia fiorineae, Chionaspis theae, C. biclavis, Orthezia insignis, Saissetia hemisphaerica, S. formicarii, Ceroplastes ceriferus, C. floridensis, C. rubens, Inglisia castilloae, Ripersia theae, Coccus hesperidum, Lecanium discrepans, Howardia (Chionaspis) biclavis and Hemichionaspis theae.