Dinesha, A.S., & Venkatesha, M.G. 2016 Population dynamics of Spalgis epius (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), a candidate biocontrol agent of mealybugs and its interaction with mealybug attendant ants. Biocontrol Science and Technology 26(3): 337-350


  • biological control
  • natural enemies
  • Notes: Phenacoccus indicus was recorded as a prey of Spalgis epius for the first time. Six mealybug-attendant ant species were associated with the larvae of S. epius. The seven general predators of S. epius adults were recorded. Knowledge on the population dynamics and a prey range of S. epius and its interaction with mealybug-attendant ant species could be helpful to using this predator as a major biocontrol agent of various species of mealybugs.