Deka, M.K., Gupta, M.K., & Singh, S.N. 1999 Effect of different dust formulation of insecticides on the incidence of sugarcane insect pests.. Indian Sugar 49(5): 357-361.

Notes: Field experiments were conducted during 1996-97 with different formulations of insecticides (fenvalerate 0.4% dust, malathion 10% dust and sugarcane pressmud) to control sugarcane pests. Field trials were carried out in Assam, India, using sugarcane variety CoBln9102. The tested insecticides showed very good results, with malathion 10% dust at 2.0 kg ai/ha reducing pests most. The percentages of top borer (Scirpophaga excerptalis) and plassey borer (Chilo tumidicostalis) after treatment with 2 kg ai/ha malathion were 15.71 and 16.25%, respectively, compared with 57.59 and 66.42% in untreated controls. Malathion at 1.50 kg ai/ha also significantly reduced of both pests. Fenvalerate also reduced pests on sugarcane. Termite (Odontotermes obesus) and mealy bug [Saccharicoccus sacchari] were also significantly reduced by both malathion and fenvalerate. The highest yield (105.32 t/ha) was recorded from the plots which received malathion 10% dust at 2.0 kg ai/ha. Sugarcane pressmud did not show a significant reduction of pests.