De Marzo, L., & Marotta, S. 2002 Anatomy of the alimentary canal in female Coccoidea: an iconographic review.. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura (Milano) 33(3, 2001): 77-83.


  • anatomy
  • Notes: [Special Issue: Proceedings of the ISSIS IX International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies held at The University of Padua, Italy, Sept. 2-8, 2001.] Original observations on the alimentary canal of Coccoidea are reported; they refer to 31 species in the families Ortheziidae, Margarodidae, Pseudococcidae, Eriococcidae, Kermesidae, Micrococcidae, Cerococcidae, Coccidae, Lecanodiaspididae, Aclerdidae, Asterolecaniidae, and Diaspididae. Seven types of alimentary canal were found throughout.