Davidson, J.A., & Miller, D.R. 1990 3.9.8 Ornamental Plants.. Armored Scale Insects, Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control [Series title: World Crop Pests, Vol. 4B]. Elsevier Amsterdam, the Netherlands pp.688 603-632


  • biology
  • control
  • diagnosis
  • distribution
  • economic importance
  • host
  • list
  • Notes: Abstract: Over 20,000 species of ornamental plants in N. America; diaspidids seem well adapted to living on plants in urban landscapes; control difficult because of proximity to humans; oils, systemic insecticides, & integrated pest management are discussed; various factors contributing to damage are covered; representative pest species occurring in 7 different ornamental situations are discussed; table of 49 species has information on external appearance, host range, major hosts, feeding sites, generations per year & distribution. Keywords: biological control.