Darwish, Y.A., Mannaa, S.H., Abd El-Latif, A.O., & Salman, A.M.A. 2004b Effect of different infestation levels by the redstriped soft scale insect, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead), on sugarcane juice quality parameters. . The 4th Scientific Conference of Agricultural Sciences, Assiut, December, 2004 2004: 95-100.

Notes: The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of the red-striped soft scale insect on sugarcane quality and quantity, under the condition of Upper Egypt. Generally, the present results revealed gradual and significant reduction in the most studied traits, with the increase in the intensity of soft scale insect infestation on sugarcane leaves. In view of the results of the present study, it can be concluded that the average percentages of reduction were amounted to 24.20, 32.67, 38.97, 27.90, 12.96 and 36.97% for brix, sugar in 100 cm3 juice, sugars in 100 gm cane, sweetness, purity and percent of extracted sugar, respectively. In addition, gradual and significant increase in reducing sugar in 100 cm3 and reducing sugar in 100 gm sugar with the increase in the intensity of the soft scale insect infestation, were also recorded. These increases were achieved, under heavy infestation, to more than 3 and 7 folds for both traits, as compared with the control treatment, respectively. These results were greatly reflected on percent of extracted sugar as ultimate aim of sugarcane plantation, where the appreciable average reduction in the produced quantity of extracted sugar was observed to reach approximately 37% comparing with the control treatment.