Danzig, E.M., & Gavrilov-Zimin, I.A. 2012a Revision of Mealybugs of the Heterococcus Ferris, 1918 Genera Group (Homoptera, Coccinea: Pseudococcidae) of the Fauna of Russia and Neighbouring Countries. Entomologischeskoe Obozrenie 91(4):781-799

Notes: English translation in Entomological Review 93(4):459-474 The mealybug genera Heterococcus Ferris, 1918 and Brevennia Goux, 1940 are revised based on the fauna of Russia and adjacent countries. Keys, descriptions, and figures are provided for 7 species recorded from the territory. Eight additional species known from the Palaearctic Region are also included in the keys. Lectotypes are designated for two nominal species. The following new synonymies were established: Heterococcus Ferris, 1918 = Stachycoccus Borchsenius, 1962, syn. n.; Brevennia Goux = Heterococcopsis Borchsenius, syn. n. = Pseudorhodnia Borchsenius, syn. n.; Brevennia pulveraria Newstead = B. tetrapora Goux, syn. n.; B. rehi Lindeman = B. marginata Borchsenius, syn. n., = B. oryzae Tang, syn. n. Heterococcus nudus (Green) = H. agropyri Savescu, syn. n.