Danzig, E.M., & Gavrilov-Zimin, I.A. 2010 Mealybugs of the genera Planococcus and Crisicoccus (Sternorrhyncha: Pseudococcidae) of Russia and adjacent countries.. Zoosystematica Rossica 19(1): 39-49

Notes: A key for four species of the genus Planococcus Ferris, 1950 is given; three species inhabit the territory of Russia and adjacent countries and the fourth one, P. citri (Risso, 1813), was erroneously recorded from the territory of the former USSR, because of the confusion of this species with P. ficus (Signoret, 1875) during identification. All discussed species are morphologically described and illustrated. Planococcus taigae Danzig, 1980 and P. juniperus Tang, 1988 are placed in synonymy under Planococcus vovae Nasonov, 1908. The genus Crisicoccus Ferris, 1950, which is morphologically similar to Planococcus, is also discussed and reported for the territory of Russia for the first time with the species C. pini (Kuwana, 1902).