Danzig, E.M. 1997a Species of the genus Trionymus from Russia and neighbouring countries (Homoptera, Coccinea: Pseudococcidae).. Zoosystematica Rossica 6: 95-114.

Notes: Key and annotated list of 26 species of Trionymus presented; 10 little know species redescribed and illustrated; host plants; distributions; T. aberrans, T. isfarensis, T. implicatus, T. kirgisicus, T. hamberdi, T. kurilensis, T. boratynskii, T. ferganensis, T. mongolicus, T. clamagrostidis, T. placatus, T. perrisii, T. phalaridis, T. tomlini, T. vaginatus, T. multisetiger, T. iridis, T. multivorus, T. newsteadi, T. artemisiarum, T. levis, T. turgidus, T. parvaster, T. dilatatus, T. copiosus and T. subterraneus.