Couturier, G., Matile-Ferrero, D., & Richard, C. 1985 Sur les cochenilles de la region de Tai (Cote d'Ivoire), recensees dans les cultures et en foret dense (Homoptera, Coccoidea). [Scales from the Tai region (Ivory Coast) recorded on agricultural crops and in dense forests.]. Revue Francaise d'Entomologie (N.S.) 7(5): 273-286.

Notes: Abstract: 52 species from 6 families listed; alphabetical list of hosts with coccid fauna; ecological data such as type of biotype, location on plant and ant association; 27 species (19 afrotropical) new for Ivory Coast; 8 species recorded for the first time; Dysmicoccus boninsis and Kuwanaspis vermiformis new for tropical Africa.