Coto, A.D., & Saunders, J.L. 2001 Insectos plaga de la guanabana (Annona muricata) en Costa Rica. [Insect pests of soursop (Annona muricata) in Costa Rica.]. Manejo Integrado de Plagas No. 61: 60-68.

Notes: Soursop (A. muricata) is a tropical fruit of great economic potential, given its commercial value and the demand of the external market. Recently, in Costa Rica, due to the increasing area of production and the limited technical assistance given to the crop, the populations of several insect pests have increased causing a reduction in the yield and quality of the fruit. The principal species found on plantations in the Atlantic zone and Northern Costa Rica are: Cratosomus sp., Corythucha gossypii, Toxoptera aurantii, Saissetia coffeae, Pinnaspis strachani, Planococcus citri, Trigona spp., Bephratelloides maculicollis, Thecla ortygnus [Oemanus ortygnus] and Cerconota anonella. The main biological and ecological aspects and the damage caused are presented for each species.