Cortez. Jr., A.O., Chu, C.L., Broadley, H.J., Lo, Y.-S., Chen, Y.C., Gates, M.W., Meyerson, L.A., Hoelmer, K.A., Gould, J.R., & Hwang, S.Y. 2022 Exploratory surveys in Taiwan of the roseau cane scale Nipponaclerda biwakoensis Kuwana (Hemiptera: Aclerdidae) and its associated parasitoids. Journal of Applied Entomology DOI: 10.1111/jen.12982


  • natural enemies
  • Notes: This study investigated the population dynamics of N. biwakoensis and its associated parasitoids on P. australis in Taiwan from July to November 2019 at five study sites. Four parasitoid wasp species were reared from the scale—Asytymachus lasallei Noyes and Higashiura, Boucekiella depressa Hoffer, Neastymachus japonicus Tachikawa and Aprostocetus sp. Westwood. Neastymachus japonicus was the dominant species parasitizing adult female scales, while A. lasallei was the dominant wasp species parasitizing immature scales. Astymachus lasallei and B. depressa were frequently reared from the same individual host, suggesting multiparasitism or hyperparasitism. Overall, this study provides important information on the identity and role of parasitoids of N. biwakoensis in its native range, which will aid in developing a classical biological control program for the invasive N. biwakoensis.