Copland, M.J.W., Perera, H.A.S., & Heidari, M. 1992 Influence of host plant on the biocontrol of glasshouse mealybug.. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin 16(8): 44-47.

Notes: The main mealybug species and the predators and parasitoids currently available in the UK are described. While temperature and light are very important factors in biocontrol, the host plant determines the growth and fecundity of the mealybug. Host plant also influences parasitoid development and fecundity indirectly through the mealybug host and directly through the suitability of the plant surface for searching behaviour. Even in small cages of mixed plants different degrees of control are achieved on different plant species. The mealybug species are Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus adonidum and P. affinis.