Colón-Ferrer, M., & Medina-Gaud, S. 1998 . Contribution to the Systematics of the Diaspidids (Homoptera: Diaspididae) of Puerto Rico. University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, Agric. Experiment Station, Dept. of Crop Protection Río Piedras, Puerto Rico 258 pp.

Notes: This book records and discusses 77 species included in 42 genera and three tribes. Distribution, life cycles, host plants, their relative importance on each host and their accurate identification is discussed for each species when known. Sections include a review of literature, material and methods, keys to families of Coccoidea in Puerto Rico, classification of the Diaspididae, literature cited, insect index, plant index and 92 pages of illustrations. The genera Acutaspis, Palinaspis and Vinculaspis are recorded from Puerto Rico. Acutaspis morrisonorum, Hemiberlesia musae, Palinaspis quohogiformis and Vinculaspis virgata. Aonidomytilus albus is recorded from the main island of Puerto Rico for the first time.