Chung, Y.J., Bae, W.I., Park, Y.S., Choi, K.S., Lee, S.G., & Shin, S.C. 2000 Distribution of black pine bast scale, Matsucoccus thunbergianae (Homoptera: Margarodidae), infestations in Korea.. KFRI Journal of Forest Science (Seoul) No. 63: 85-89.

Notes: The black pine bast scale (BPBS), Matsucoccus thunbergianae was first detected attacking Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii) in Koheung, Mokpo and Muan, Chonnam province, Korea Republic, in 1983. The infestation expanded gradually, and is now distributed in the southwest coast regions. Since 1984, extensive surveys for BPBS distribution have been carried out by Forestry Research Institute in Korea. A review on the regional distribution of BPBS infestations and maps are also presented.