Chua, T.H., & Wood, B.J. 1990 3.9.2 Other Tropical Fruit Trees and Shrubs.. Armored Scale Insects, Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control [Series title: World Crop Pests, Vol. 4B]. Elsevier Amsterdam, the Netherlands 688 pp.

Notes: Abstract: Although many diaspidids attack tropical fruit trees and shrubs, few are serious pests, probably because of good control by natural enemies; the pests known to attack the following plants are listed and some notes are given about their pest status and control: coconut, oil palm, rubber, mango, papaya, pinneapple, banana, guava, durian, rambutan, tea, cocoa, coffee, avocado, fig, walnut, pecan, almond, cassava, yam, tumeric, ginger, grape & apple. Keywords: biological control.