Chiu, S.C., Lo, K.C., Chien, C.C., Chen, C.C., & Chen, C.F. 1985 Biological control of citrus pests in Taiwan.. Special Publication (Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute) No. 19: 1-8.

Notes: [From: A review of the biological control of crop pests in Taiwan (1981-1984), Chiu, S.C. (Project leader).] The arthropod pests of citrus and their natural enemies in Taiwan are tabulated, and an indication is made of their importance. Recent progress in the biological control of coccids, diaspidids, pseudococcids, aleyrodids, aphids, the aphalarid Diaphorina citri, pentatomids, lepidopterous pests and eriophyid and tetranychid mites is reviewed.