Chirinos, D.T., Geraud-Pouey, F., & Romay, G. 2003 Duración del desarrollo y estadísticos poblacionales de Capulinia sp. cercana a jaboticabae von Ihering (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) sobre varias especies de Psidium.. Entomotropica 18(1): 7-20.

Notes: Title in English: [Development time and population parameters of Capulinia (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) on several Psidium species.] The development of Capulinia sp. on P. guajava cv. Criolla Roja (CR) and selection 12 (S12), P. friedrichsthalianum and P. guineense was studied during June-October 1999. Capulinia sp. survival was greatest on CR, followed by S12, P. friedrichsthalianum and P. guineense. The lower survival on S12 compared with CR was due to the scarcity of bark exfoliations in the former. The high mortality on P. friedrichsthalianum and P. guineense could be associated with biochemical factors. The high survival (90%) and fertility (2639.80+/-161.43 eggs per female) of Capulinia sp. on CR suggested the possible occurrence of severe infestation by the insect in the absence of natural enemies. This capacity for population development partially supports the importance of Capulinia sp. as a pest of guava in Venezuela. Bark physical features and plant biochemistry could constitute sources of resistance to Capulinia species.