Chen, Y.Q., Chen, X.M., Li, K., Shi, L., & Chen, Z.Y. 2004 [Preference of lac insect to host branch in foraging.]. Forest Research 17(2): 159-166.

Notes: A study was conducted to determine the characteristics of lac foraging behaviour of Kerria lacca and its preference to host branch in foraging. Results showed that K. lacca hardly hosted on branches over two years old and the distribution of lac insects on branches had no relation to orientation. The diameter of hosted branches ranged from 0.47-1.60 cm. On erect branches, K. lacca was distributed around the branch but on most declining branches, K. lacca only settled on the shaded parts. Comparison anatomy showed that the periderm and cortex of two-year-old branches were thicker than those of one-year-old branches. Furthermore, the layer of sclereids and fibres in two-year-old branches was thicker than that in one-year-old branches by 27 micro m. The distance from periderm to phloem of 2-year-old branches was farther than that of one-year-old branches. The periderm and cortex of the upper parts of the branches were thinner than the basic parts of the branch. The phloem of parts reached by sunlight was thinner than the shaded parts. Furthermore, the keratinization of host tree suberin and tinsel on the epiderm also inhibited K. lacca foraging.