Chassagnard, M.T., & Tsacas, L. 2003 Les espèces orientales et australiennes du sous-genre Cacoxenus (Gitonides) Knab (Diptera: Drosophilidae). [The Oriental and Australian species of the subgenus Cacoxenus (Gitonides) Knab (Diptera: Drosophilidae).]. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 39(3): 271-286.

Notes: Seven new species are described in the subgenus Gitonides of the genus Cacoxenus: six from India (C. campsiphallus sp. nov. on cotton mealy bug, C. orientalis sp. nov., C. pachyphallus sp. nov. predatory on Trionymus sacchari [Saccharicoccus sacchari] on sugarcane, C. paulodentatus sp. nov. larvae preying on mealybugs on sugarcane, C. ripersiae sp. nov. larvae preying on Ripersia oryzae [? Brevennia rehi] and C. oxyphallus sp. nov.) and one from Australia (C. australicus sp. nov. on Pseudococcus sp. on passionfruit vine). A key for the identification of these species is given. C. punctatus, previously known as a synonym of C. perspicax is now rehabilitated. Twenty-two species and one subspecies belong at present to the subgenus Gitonides and they are distributed in five biogeographical regions: Palaearctic, Afrotropical, Oriental, Australian and Ocean. One species, C. perspicax, is distributed in more than one biogeographical region. The subgenus is missing from the Nearctic and the Neotropical regions. An analysis of the problem of the identity of C. perspicax and the reasons of its erroneous interpretation was attempted. The consequences of this problem with respect to the systematics and the distribution of the subgenus are also discussed.