Charlin, C.R. 1972 Distribución geográfica de las plantas hospederas y nuevas identificaciones de Cóccidos para Chile. [Geographic distribution, host plants and new identifications of coccids in Chile].. Revista Peruana del Entomología Agrícola 15: 215-218.

Notes: Conference Title: Sociedad Entomologica del Peru: Proceedings of the First Latin-American Congress of Entomology, Cuzco, Peru, 12-18th April 1971. Anales del Primer Congreso Latinoamericano de Entomologia, Cusco, Peru, 12-18 de Abril 1971.] The author lists 66 species of Coccoidea recorded from Chile and its island territories. They comprise 1 Asterolecaniid, 9 Coccids, 1 Conchaspid, 37 Diaspidids, 4 Eriococcids, 4 Margarodids, 2 Ortheziids and 8 Pseudococcids. The most important of these are grouped under the headings: widely polyphagous species present throughout the country, species restricted to one species of food-plant, endemic species associated exclusively with indigenous food-plants, and species found only in the northernmost parts of Chile (on food-plants typical of that region) that are continually being reintroduced from adjacent countries.