Charles, J.G., & Henderson, R.C. 2002 Catalogue of the exotic armoured scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae) in New Zealand.. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 32(4): 587-615.

Notes: This catalog has been developed from studies of curated specimens and the literature. 28 species are recorded as established by July 2002. Lepidosaphes pallida is recorded in New Zealand for the first time. Five new synonomies are proposed (with the senior synonym in parentheses): Chionaspis candida (= Chionaspis angusta); Mytilaspis eucalypti, Lepidosaphes ulmi var. novozelandica (= Lepidosaphes multipora); Fiorinia grossulariae 1884 (= Lepidosaphes ulmi) and Chionapis xerotidis (= Pseudaulacaspis eugeniae). For the first time, literature records are shown to be erroneous for a further eight species, which are therefore not considered to be present in New Zealand. They are: Aspidiotus destructor, Ischnaspis longirostris, Lepidosaphes flava, Parlatoria pergandii, P. ziziphi, Pinnaspis strachani, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona and Unaspis citri. An annotated list of all 36 species provides for each species a selective synonymy and a summary of some basic biological details, host plant range, geographical distribution, and environmental impact.